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You Are Supported &
You Are Believed

It’s a series of one right decision, then another and another. Do not look at the totality and think you CAN’T make a difference, because small steps in the right direction by all of us, especially those sworn to serve and protect, can and will lead to big changes.

My goal is to give you guidance and support while navigating through the Whistleblower process. I will connect you with individuals, and organizations that I trust to assist you with legal issues, mental health and peer support among others that relate directly to your specific situation. All submissions on this website are confidential and only move forward with the permission of the officer.

No Officer Walks Alone

I am a civil rights activist committed to breaking the Code of Silence and spreading awareness and education. I am pro police and anti-corruption, and yes, you can be both.

Expert Witness

I have been an expert witness for the Exoneration Project in Chicago that has successfully exonerated hundreds of victims since 2015. It is the largest mass exoneration in history.

Whistleblower Support

I want officers who seek my help to know that you are NOT alone, and you ARE believed. I will continue to work toward changing the “it’s who you know” motto to “it’s who you are.”


I educate communities about the high price of being a cop and blowing the whistle, and I am determined to help pass whistleblower protection for all officers.

I Am Committed to Breaking the Code of Silence