About Me

I’m Shannon.
I Used to Be a Cop.

You’ve probably never heard my name, but my story might sound familiar to you. I’m a police whistleblower–in 2007, I started working with the FBI to expose a criminal extortion ring in the CPD. Almost ten years later, after multiple death threats and a high-profile lawsuit, the mayor of Chicago was forced to admit what the people had known for years: the Code of Silence is real, and it’s killing our most vulnerable communities.

What I Do

I am currently working with other organizations to have whistleblower protection laws passed for ALL officers in the US. This will include city, state and county level officers. Currently, these officers are completely unprotected, and I am actively working on changing this.

I have also worked with and assisted The Exoneration Project in Chicago since 2015, pro bono. We have successfully exonerated (currently 109) victims who were wrongfully imprisoned by the same corrupt officers I was investigating with the FBI. We still have hundreds of victims, and I will remain involved until justice is served for all of them.

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I Am Committed to Breaking the Code of Silence